Wednesday, August 3, 2011

All in the details

When my sisters were still here, I made my second trip to the Cat Street market in Central to show them around.  It's always fun exploring new territory since I've been living here for five years, but it's perfect to do it with my sisters.  We hunt and peck for the same kinds of things.  And, of course, their opinions are what I trust most.

There is so much to see in this market, so many nooks and crannies to explore, that I imagine it is one of those places that you'd find something different and new each time you visit.  When I was there last, I was  with the hubby's family, and I was really taking in the big picture of Cat Street.  

This time, I decided to look at little things and pay attention to the details.

We looked into this brass shop which sold door knobs, hinges, picture hooks and knockers of all kinds.  I found a lovely brass picture hook that I'll be turning into a necklace.

It's right across from this shop which makes those metal carts that the little old men and women use to haul cardboard and paper to recycle.  I loved the drawings of the cart with directions for construction.

Every shop has little trays of goodies.  Vases, figurines, coins, etc.

It was in one of these shops that I found a gorgeous dragon bracelet.  It was hanging on a wall next to an identical phoenix bracelet (the dragon phoenix is an auspicious pairing here in Hong Kong).  I am a sucker for detail (I like when the lining of blazers or insides of pockets are made with unique fabrics).  This dragon bracelet is beautiful - in the dragon's mouth is a ring that holds a clasp which meets up with the tail of the dragon.  The links of the bracelet are the dragon's body.

I couldn't wait to wear it (hence the poorly manicured nails).  

I wanted it to stand alone, so I didn't stack it with other bracelets.

And, I enlisted the help of my photographer sister to get a good close up.  She's legit.  The real deal.  She studied photography in college and the last time she took posed portraits like these, it was for a project and I was 9 months pregnant with my oldest.

Head and tail.

The only piece of advice I have is to not go when it's a hot weather advisory.  These little shops do not have A/C and it's not so easy to hunt and peck for treasures when sweat is dripping into your eyes.

Outfit details:  American Apparel blouse, scarf and shorts from Stanley Market (both were thrifty finds!)


amischmashedlife said...

That's a gorgeous bracelet! What a great find, N! Cat Street is intriguing. I should take a look when I'm in HK.

audrey said...

i am such a sucker for collections of ANYthing, so those markets always slay me. what an awesome find in that bracelet!! love, love, love it. love you in the head wrap, too; the one thing i miss about having hair is being able to do that (i look like a cancer patient if i try these days.)

The.Red.See said...

Love you bracelet!And I'm curious about the picture hook turned necklace!!

Gabrielle - I LIKE IT FAST said...

Love your photos and blog! I've bookmarked you. :)

gilly said...

... x ... I think you're fabulous!

pam said...

I love your bracelet and I want one for myself. If you are on your way to stanley and you happen to find another identical pair. I would be grateful if you purchase one for me. Please send me the price by email: plus shipping to Manila since its cheaper rather than to NY. I really appreciate your kind assistance. Thank you in advance for your help.

pam said...

Plus I am really looking forward to hearing from you. Thanks again.

pam said...

The details of your dragon bracelet is amazing. Thanks again for agreeing to check out the Cat Street market again for me. I truly appreciate it. Let me know if you need anything from here. I am only an email away.
Are you going to Manila for the holidays? Let me know it would be nice to meet up.
Hope you had a nice weekend. Cheers.

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