Saturday, July 23, 2011

A glimpse

Here's a look at what's happening at my house since my family has been in town.

The first days were very rainy.  We spent a good deal of time cooped up inside, but in the company of my sisters and the rest of the family, it wasn't a bad deal.  We enjoyed just catching up with each other and being together.

PT gave the girls manicures.

We made block towers for the little ones to smash.

There is a lot of cousin-love going on.

My sweet nephew.  I love hearing his cooing while he plays with his cousins.

My dad and my kids share many a laugh.

I'm picking up my little nephew as much as he'll let me.  

Finally (after what seems like weeks on end), the weather is gorgeous again.  Clear blue skies, lots of sun and super hot.  We've spent the last three days at the beach.  St. Stephen's beach is a hidden paradise in Hong Kong.  Even on a busy day, there are hardly any people there, the water is clear, the trees provide the perfect amount of shade and the little snack shack makes a good plate of nachos and provides comfy beach bean bags to rent.  At this beach, a short trip can quickly turn into an all day outing.

Digging tunnels in the sand with PT.

Our first afternoon on the beach.
Only one sister came, but we've had two car loads everyday since.

A cold Tsingtao to quench our thirst.

Beachy lazing on the bean bag with my baby.

I am loving every minute and we still have over a week left!

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Isabella said...

Just found your blog. What beautiful pictures of your family. Your nephew is so adorable. Makes me wish my family wasn't on the other side of the country.

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