Friday, July 1, 2011

A fresh look

The hubby's family (oldest sister, her hubby and our niece) have been visiting this week from California.  It's their first trip overseas and we're so excited that they made the long trip to see us.  One of the things I love most about having people who are new to Hong Kong staying with us is the fresh view we get on this city.  New people make Hong Kong seem all new again.

Wandering down Pottinger Street with the family.
Mak's Noodle bowls.
We wandered along this road.

I love living in Hong Kong, but in any place you live, when you're actually living there, you can get stuck in a rut.  (I tried to convince myself of this when we visited Paris years ago.  People there must get used to all the beauty around them, don't you think?)  Working as a teacher, having three kids and doing the things we do each week doesn't leave much time for us to get around and explore Hong Kong like we used to when we first moved here.

Gorgeous lampshades.

Incense burners, perhaps?

I love these coils of incense hanging from the ceiling.
Detail from outside the temple.

For the better part of this last week, we've been sightseeing, exploring new places, eating lots of good food and basically rediscovering this awesome city.  Yesterday, after our Macau trip fell through, we explored Soho and Central.  We stopped in at Mak's Noodles for lunch and then wandered all the way down Hollywood Road, where I finally found the Cat Street markets.  Along the way, we made a quick stop into the Man Mo Temple.  I love taking pictures in the temples (but never of the deities themselves or of any worshippers).

Hong Kong is loaded with various street markets, but I only heard about the Cat Street Markets when I started reading A Pair and a Spare.  She says these markets are perfect for thrifting (not an activity that is done too frequently in HK).

Cat Street Markets - good for thrifting.

The shops here were filled to the brim with antiques of all kinds - old pocket watches, rotary telephones, books, belts, pictures, clothes, etc.

One of many shops loaded with goodies.

I'll definitely be going back here again.


D said...

Awesome photos!!! :)

cd_mfo said...

Oooh! I want to go to Cat Street Markets too!

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