Friday, July 29, 2011

A family walk

Last weekend, we took a lovely (though sweaty) walk up to the upper reservoir in the country park near our house.  The walk was kid friendly and stroller friendly, so all the kiddos were able to come along for an adventure.

Heading out our school gate.

Two strollers.  Two babies.

We stopped to let this stick insect cross the road.  Amazing!

Cally dressed herself.
An appropriate choice of hat for a walk in the country park, no?

Crossing one of the lovely old stone bridges in the country park.

What sights we all saw, from the views over the peaks and over the water, to the fish in the reservoir when we reached the top.

The view looking over the water toward the reservoir bridge.

Tons of little fish and some big coy fish in the upper reservoir.

My favorite view was of the cousins enjoying each others' company.

Milo loved holding his cousins' hands.

Look at his sweet smile.

And, they of course loved that he was so happy to hold their hands.

Oh, and maybe this view of little Milo finally warming up to his Uncle Joey.

It took a week.  A long (for Uncle Joey) week of being patient and loving him from a safe distance.  You can see how proud he was to finally be able to pick him up, even if only for a few minutes.


emily said...

perfect. love cally's hat. and her hair is getting so long. and she is getting so big! sigh...

Shan said...

Man! - that looked like a h-o-t walk! xo

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