Saturday, June 11, 2011


School's out.

Summer is here.

While just about everyone is leaving, we're staying put. For the most part (we've planned one week in Malaysia - we do need a change of scene, away from the workplace/neighborhood).

I found this tiny bikini and couldn't resist.

Really, it's a combination of factors that's keeping us in Hong Kong this summer.  First, a financial one.  Joey took the year off to finish his master's degree, which he did with flying colors.  We've been managing on one income, but we've got to put money away to pay my parents back. He was hired as a PE teacher next year, though.  Good news for us.

Ella needed a new suit, too.
She loved the frilly booby-pouches.

Second, we've got visitors coming.  Joey's sister and her family are coming for their first ever international trip in June.  (They had to get passports!)  Hong Kong is so fun when we see it again through newcomers' eyes.  And my sisters are coming in July.  The kids can't wait to see their cousin, Milo.  And I'm thrilled about two weeks of sister time.

Boy smiles are hard to come by when I have a camera.

Knowing how hot it gets here in the summer, we decided to get a wading pool and a sprinkler for on the roof.  The kids had a blast this afternoon.

I think this stay-cation is going to be just fine.


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