Friday, June 3, 2011

A little adventure

Inspired by the effortless summer time look I saw on, I took out these silky Ecote shorts from Urban Outfitters and a flowing blouse from Cotton On.   The lightweight material and cut of both pieces are just perfect for the steamy weather.

There was a little boy playing.  See his feet?

My mum and I had to go to Tai Koo last weekend to pick up some birthday pressies, so I thought it a perfect opportunity to take some pictures on location.  I found this little park (or sitting out area as they are referred to here in Hong Kong).  I liked how the trees were spaced and there was this massive stone ball revolving in a fountain.  An interesting attraction, to say the least.

Noticing the little boy being... a boy.

For the most part, we managed to get pictures in between when people were passing through.  

Waiting for the rain, perhaps???

I think my mum did a pretty good job this time.  (She was quite chuffed about it, actually).  She usually has jiggly hands and we end up with blurry photos!  She also thought she'd get in on the posing action. So fun!

The ball actually moves on it's own.

I'm looking forward to taking more on location pictures around Hong Kong this summer.  
Graduation was last night.  School ends next week!


gilly said... look lovely. Picture 4 and 5 are my favourties. well done Mrs T.

Shan said...

I've just realised that the 'looking at the rain' photograph is your mum. HAHAHA - that's awesome! She's a model in the making. You too, my dear, look stunning. xo

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