Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Last days of little school

While we're all on break for summer, Ella still has a few weeks left at her local school.  She's been practicing for the graduation ceremony next week and being in school means I get to put her on the bus in the morning and take her off at lunch time.  I love doing this because I don't often have the opportunity to when I'm at work.  Summer time is when I can be a full time mum.

She's so excited to start at HKIS next year, to go to big school on the big bus with Buddy.  Of course, I'm excited for her too, but I also feel a pinch of sadness knowing she won't be with all her lifelong buddies at the local Chinese school anymore.

I'm so grateful for the years she's had at this school.  She's learned Cantonese and can speak it fluently, but more than that, under their care, she's grown to be a confident little girl.  She's takes great pride in doing her work, in being a helpful little girl,  she's always happy at school (and bubbly when she comes home) and she has a good group of little friends who have been with her since she was just one.

I don't let her know that I feel a tiny bit sad about her leaving this school, because I also want to share her excitement at starting big school.  She isn't in the slightest bit nervous or apprehensive, so I don't want to project any of my own emotions on her.

I do try to help her understand that she won't see her friends everyday because they're all going onto their own new schools, and she always turns to me and says, Mummy don't worry, I can always have playdates with my friends!  It's like she knows what I'm thinking and I'm so glad that she has this sentiment.

I hope that she always feels this self-assured, confident and happy.

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emily said...

oh, ella. i'm learning a few lessons from you. xo

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