Saturday, May 14, 2011

Tiny dancer

Tomorrow's the day of little Ella's ballet exam.  She is very excited.  We've had extra Sunday practices for the last couple of months.  She's practiced her dances at home.  She cheered when I told her tomorrow was her big day.  She can hardly wait.  Why?  She gets to wear her new lilac leotard and chiffon georgette skirt.  The most exciting part about exam day is the new purple ribbon her ballet teacher has been promising all the little girls she'd get them to wear on exam day.  

I'm a bit anxious for her, but Joey says she'll be fine.  And, I know she will be, so I'm trying not to let my anxiety show.  She has got lots of little props (sparkling wands, flower baskets, etc) that the teacher has been giving them to practice with.  No wonder little girls love to be ballerinas.  It's all make believe fairy princess dress ups.

Wish us luck!


brummygem said...

good luck ella! x

Putri said...

oh ellabelle! i'm so excited for her, i know she'll have so much fun. can't wait to hear how it all goes. xo

Shan said...

How did the gorgeous little girl go? xo

Norbyah said...

we did well! she fidgeted with her hair a little, but did fine for her first examination. will post pictures soon.

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