Sunday, May 1, 2011

A real princess

It's a fairly common sight to see couples posing for pictures near many of the landmarks in Stanley.  We've seen all kinds of brides in all colors.  Ella (and now Cally) love when we see these princesses in all their wedding glory.

I wore my midi skirt as part of my wedding party outfit.

Imagine Ella's excitement on Friday morning when I told her about the Royal wedding that was going to take place that day.  Will it have a REAL princess, Mummy? she asked me with wonder in her eyes.  My response, she will be once she's married.  

Trying something artsy with the glass cubes.

Topped off with a fascinator for the afternoon tea party.

Enough said.  The rest of the morning she was in a tizzy.  A flurry of preparations.  She brought in several dresses to ask which one she could wear.  We settled on a floral one, appropriate for a wedding, I thought.  Upon seeing my choice of accessories, she brought in two necklaces for me to help her choose.  And, as it goes around here, once Cally caught wind of what was happening, she chose a princess to wear and borrowed one of Ella's necklaces.

My necklace from my friend Scarlet's shop
in Stanley. She made me matching earrings
as a surprise and then gifted them to me.

We had a Royal wedding party at my mum's house with a few colleagues.  The furniture in her living room had been moved the night before so we all had a good view of her big screen tv and we had cucumber sandwiches, scones with jam and cream, tea in gorgeous antique china, and of course some bubbly.  We each donned a feathery fascinator and I ran out to pick two lovely hibiscus flowers for the little girls to wear as well.  

My little girls in their princesses and their hibiscus flower fascinators.

And wasn't it the most beautiful fairytale wedding, ever?  I admit we were all swept up in the emotion of it.  How nice to actually witness an event which captures worldwide attention that is actually positive.  I was just a little older than Ella when Princess Diana was married.  (And there's no secret that I adored her).  Even though Joey initially thought our party was a bit ridiculous, he now admits that there was something historic and beautiful about yesterday.  It does make you think back to our wedding, doesn't it? he remarked.  I think that's part of the wonder for people.  Everyone wants a little of this fairytale magic on their wedding day.  It's as Ella and Cally imagine, those brides are princesses for a day.  I remember my simple wedding and backyard dinner and it was every bit as wonderful to me as this wedding was.

The gorgeous antique tea cups and saucers.

So, take it for what it is.  Just another wedding between two people who love each other.  But add to that the Royal wedding traditions from generations before William and Kate were married.  The pomp and circumstance.  That dress.  His shy smile (so much like his mother's).  I loved every minute of it.  And Ella is still on cloud 9.

Here's a recap of the day in three minutes, in case you can't get enough of it, like Ella and I.  My favorite part is when Prince William tells his bride she looks beautiful as she arrives at the altar.  Ella's favorite part is the kiss, both of them, and how Prince William tells the crowd, that's it, no more.


Shan said...

Amaya has watched the YouTube clip several times. Oh, how little girls dream of being a princess. Kate looked absolutely stunning. And yes, the most memorable moment for me was when William told her she looked 'beautiful'. I hope he takes good card of her too. xo

Diane said...

Even watching at 1:30a.m. it was soo perfect. We taped it & I made scones & Ken watched it with me after he woke up at a normal time - so sweet of him to watch it with me - it was MEANT to be shared! YES! A TEA PARTY & bubbly - how perfect! Watched it again with Marty & Sarah on Sat. a.m. God BLESS the NEW royal couple! We need love to triumph!

Kennedy said...

oh my gosh, could they be any more precious! i think not <3

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