Friday, May 20, 2011

Not convinced

I wore this outfit last week, but it's been busy and I didn't get around to posting these pictures until now.  As I look at them again, I'm reminded about what I thought when they were first taken.  Why do my legs look so weird?  I mean, my knees.  I wonder if they always look this way.  Even Joey agreed that this skirt made my legs look overly muscly.

That's not to say that I don't like what I'm wearing.  In fact, I loved this outfit.  The hat is from my sister and these sandals from  The American Apparel skirt I've worn so much it's getting too thin. And, the t-shirt is a thrifted find originally from Club Monaco.  I like pairing black with neutrals.

Maybe it's just the poses.  The hubby took the first two pictures and little Buddy took the last one.  I still think my roof makes a better picture location, with the bright colors of the graffiti left on the walls.  It was just too stinking hot and sticky to go up there on this day. My head was super sweaty in this hat.  Maybe I should find a straw summer version.

What the heck, I'm posting these anyway.

By the way, I have a thing about even numbers.  Every time I see that I have 19 followers, I think about the fact that it's an odd number.

Anyone want to be follower number 20?

p.s. I just got word from the lovely Mikka that my guest post is up on her blog A Mischmashed Life.  Check it out!


emily said...

your legs look incredible. just like the rest of you.

gilly said...

You, your legs and your outfit look fabulous! love the hat. I always have hat envy because I'm just not a hat person. I have the wonkiest head.

amischmashedlife said...

Love this outfit post N! Your legs are just fine, please!! Love the hat and those necklaces!!

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