Monday, May 16, 2011

Little Ella Ballerina

Well, she did it!  Her ballet teacher was very pleased with her little ballerinas' first ever examination result yesterday.  She asked all five girls if they'd enjoyed themselves and there were smiles all around.  I was happy that her comments to her students seemed to mostly focus on them having fun.  

I can see why the girls were all so eager for this day to arrive.  They had to show up at the ballet school an hour and a half to get their hair done and there were special rooms reserved for them to get dressed.  Their teacher had promised them all new lilac colored ribbons to wear in their hair.  

I was so proud of Ella.  She knew exactly what to do, where to go and she didn't hesitate at all.  I would have been so nervous at her age, but she was so confident.  A few of the mothers had even said that the teacher always puts her in front of the class because she knows all the steps.  Sure enough, when they all got numbers pinned to their leotards for the examiners to identify them, Ella was number one.

Before the exam...

Sitting patiently while her teacher gelled and pinned her hair.

That sweet 'Ella' smile.

A pose with 'good toes' not 'naughty toes.'

Such a sweet little ballerina.  Waiting eagerly in the chairs outside the dance room.
And, after the exam...

All five girls posing for their mummies.

I love the little feet in ballet shoes.  Those chubby knees.

Smiles all around.

Ella and her good friend Kaiya with their gelled ballet buns.
The only other comment the teacher made was that Ella and Kaiya kept touching their hair a lot during the exam.  I wasn't surprised considering how many bobby pins were used and how much gel they globbed in there.  We're hoping that Ella will be in Kaiya's class in R2 next year when she transitions to HKIS.  She and Kaiya have been friends since they were only one, Kaiya also went to St. Peter's, I work with her father and now, they'll be moving in next door.  

We're delighted.  


anna said...

well done ella!! x

amischmashedlife said...

There's something about little girls and ballet that's just so pretty. Congratulations Ella and to the doting mother, of course :)

gilly said...

yay! beautiful.

emily said...

i can't get over it. she looks just like your sister p!!! incredible!

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