Wednesday, May 18, 2011


Some of us still have royal wedding fever.

Cally won't take the veil off.   This one is Ella's.  She now has her own.

It started after bath time last week.  I was drying her off and she didn't want me to hang her hooded towel up.  Instead, she wanted to walk around naked with the towel trailing behind her like a veil.  All I was allowed to do was straighten it when it folded over itself.  

Luckily, I remembered that Ella has a dress up veil.  I brought it out for her so that I could a) hang up the towel and b) take her outside without getting her towel very dirty.  She borrowed Ella's until she picked out a blue one for herself.  Now she walks around with it on saying, I pwincess.  I mawwied.  We have to take note that she likes to wear it with the veil flipped over her face.  She chucks a serious wobbly if we don't get it right.

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