Thursday, May 19, 2011

In full bloom

Spring in Hong Kong is brief.  There isn't much time between the damp, bone-chilling winter and the hot, sticky summer.  The flowers bloom quickly and the mosquitos and sandflies return all too soon.  I miss spring in Madison.  I loved when little purple and yellow crocuses started to poke up from the newly thawed ground, followed soon after by daffodils, tulips, hyacinths and fragrant lilacs.  My favorite, though, has always been the magnolia blooms on the trees.

Still, despite missing all that, I did happen to catch a moment last week to stop and notice everything in full bloom here.  The tree behind our house in the boy scout camp was laden with white blooms so full that I imagined it could collapse under their weight.  It reminded me of the bridal wreath bush we had in our backyard in Madison.  And, our impatiens on the balcony outside my bedroom looked gorgeous and full.  I'm waiting now for the pink hydrangeas in front of the kitchen window to appear.

Have a look...

The view from our balcony into the boy scout camp.

The tree in the boy scout camp.

The impatiens on our balcony.


Heart Charlie said...

How beautiful!! Yes, Spring in general is way too much of a passing moment. There is barely a moment between the cold and the heat. I am glad you got to see some pretty flowers in bloom and share them with us! How amazing!! (I still want to visit Hong Kong someday, I've only been to Shanghai and Beijing, Hong Kong will be next!!)

Jazzy E (Hivenn) said...

so pretty. I think spring has kind of disappeared because of global warming. At the moment it's either sunny or rainy. No inbetween. I think it makes it harder to get used to the heat too. x hivenn

emily said...

i can't pass a magnolia tree without thinking of you. xo

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