Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Happy Mother's day (a little late)

Since Cally's arrival two years ago, I have tried each Mother's day to have Joey snap a picture of me with the kids.  It seems that I'm the one behind the camera for the most part, so I rarely end up in pictures with them.  Here is this year's attempt.

We had to give it two separate attempts.  The first one just wasn't going well.  Kids were floppy, Cally wanted no one to sit near me.  They weren't actually smiling naturally, so I tried to tickle them.  

See our blooper?


Cally has been sick for the better part of a week.  First she was battling a fever, but now she's terribly congested.  She was a beast for most of mother's day.  Poor thing.  Just not herself.

Sticky, dirty nose doesn't make Mummy happy.

Finally, we got a few good ones.  Here are the best two, I think.

Then Buddy begged to get behind the camera again, so we took the opportunity to get one of just us.  

Buddy got a few good ones.

He sure can capture a moment, can't he?

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