Saturday, May 7, 2011


I asked the hubby this morning if he thought my outfit was blog-worthy.  He'd just been telling me that he'll start helping me with my pictures (did I mention he's just finished his master's degree?) so I could actually use the good camera, rather than my blackberry.  His response was underwhelming.  Still, I liked it.

Sandals from the Shoe Market in Brooklyn.

The weather has really warmed up now and with thick, long hair like mine, wearing it up is really the only comfortable option.  I like the Heidi braids because they're easy to do, and I end up looking like I can actually style my hair.  I think they may become a permanent summer hairstyle for me, given that we're staying in hot and humid Hong Kong this year.

The rest of the outfit was also a nod to the hot weather.  Something short and breezy (not another maxi skirt!)  I love this blue dress.  It's just the color blue that I absolutely adore.  And, it's light weight.  After I put the whole look together, I felt a bit grecian with the sandals and toga-like dress.

Blue dress from H&M.

When picture time rolled around, the hubby was busy making a big order of pizzas for a birthday party.  (Hooray for actually having time to make them now!)  Taking into consideration using the good camera and his second bit of advice not in the bowels of the school (I live on campus), I thought our roof would work perfectly.  I like the bright graffiti left by previous tenants.  It certainly goes with the color blocking trend this spring.

The graffiti on our roof from the teenage artists who lived here before us.

This time, my son Michael took the pictures.  He was a pretty quick study.  A budding photographer, I think.  Ella is always keen, but my SLR camera is just to heavy for her.

He was so pleased with his pictures.

 I like how they turned out.  Not bad for eight.

Jewelry from Stanley Market and H&M.

He's definitely blog-worthy.


emily said...

wait... did he take all of them? wow, buddy! nice work!

brummygem said...

definitely a budding photographer! and i love your hair like that. x

gilly said...

great lipstick!

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