Thursday, May 5, 2011

Another reason to love MAC

I am an environmentalist.

Our family recycles.  Buddy's one chore is to take it out and separate it three times a week.  We use scrap paper for drawing (I bring it home from school - one side has already been printed on).  When the kids get clean paper, they know it's a special occasion (perhaps to make a card for someone).  We try to make sure the kids know to turn off the water when they brush teeth, turn lights off when they leave the room, etc. 

I am faculty advisor for Roots and Shoots, a student club who has worked as part of a team to turn our school plastic bottle free next year.  At home, we're already using reusable bottles for our water.  One of our fun games each morning is to see who can get the most plastic bottles off the field and recycle them while we wait for Buddy's bus.  

You get the idea.  We're an environmentally conscious family.

Imagine my delight this weekend, when I found out that MAC has a recycling program.  Simply save six make up containers (eyeshadow, blush, lipstick, etc), bring them in and you can exchange them for a new lipstick!  Brilliant!  I love MAC even more now.  You should check it out wherever you are to see if the MAC in your neighbourhood has a similar program.

Not MAC cases, you say?  Let me explain.

Original case on the left.
Fixed case on the right.

I'm a packaging girl.  Sometimes nice packaging just sells a product for me.  The second part of this post is about my disappointment when I discovered my Nars eyeshadow case had gone all sticky.  Not sure when it started, but the case of my once sleek Nars make up had gone tacky and gross.

I decided to google it and discovered I wasn't the only one with this problem.  It turns out heat and humidity can sometimes do this to the Nars cases.  Hmmmm.  Heat and humidity.  That's Hong Kong to a tee.  

The solution?  The many accounts I read on google suggested using rubbing alcohol to wipe off the matte finish of the case (and the gooey, sticky mess).  I worked at it and fixed the problem in about seven minutes.  You can see the case on the right is the mended one (and is no longer sleek and polished as it was when I bought it), but I am using the eyeshadow again because I can actually hold it without it getting my hands sticky.

There you go.  A not so personal post, but hopefully a useful one for some of you.

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