Friday, April 29, 2011

This sweet boy...

...turned one yesterday!

The kids talk with Milo on Skype.

When I see him in the videos my sister and brother-in-law send, or in the pictures they take, or even these pictures I took when we were on Skype for his birthday yesterday, I feel two things.  First, I feel incredibly happy and even proud to watch him growing up (he can walk now).  But then I feel a little pinch of sadness that I can't be right with them celebrating this milestone birthday.

Milo opens his present from us.

But mostly, the happiness outweighs everything else.  I said this a year ago when he was born.  The love I feel for this sweet little boy is like the love I feel for my own children.  

I remember the anticipation of his arrival, one year ago.  The text messages we received from Jared in the wee hours of morning to give us updates of my sister's progress.

And the sheer bliss I felt when Jared wrote, "He is here!  Milo Kia Tan Sandman."  We received the text just moments before Buddy was to go outside to get on the bus to school.  I was so excited that we were all there together to hear the announcement.  I can still remember how the emotion welled up in my heart, a very literal swelling of my bosom.  My sister was now a mother.

He loves the propeller on the little airplane.

Such a gorgeous little thing, our sweet Milo.

I can't wait to get my hands on him this summer.

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