Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Spring arrives in Hong Kong!

Or maybe not.  This weather has been so unpredictable.  But, then again, perhaps that's what makes it spring!

Scooters in Stanley.

Let it rip!
Our spring break is this week.  It's a much needed break from the hustle and bustle of our daily lives, and we've got the hubby's parents here for a visit.  Actually, it's their second visit to Hong Kong.  They first came out when Cally was just born, two years ago.

Bright sunshine (the first in a while) just like their first day on their last visit.
We've had some really lovely days, too.  A bit of sitting on the waterfront in Stanley for some drinks and ice cream.  A little bit of poking around in town.  And even an island excursion to Cheng Chau (and on a public holiday, no less!)  Call us brave.  Or stupid.  Either way, we had a lovely day filled with some good Hong Kong culture for the in-laws to see.

View of IFC tower from our ferry to Cheng Chau.

And me!  NOT behind the camera!

Lots of boats and dried fish.

The grandmothers share a laugh over some beer, as usual.

A sneak peak of a Chinese Opera matinee.

Gorgeous make up and singing.

My favorite Spring blooming tree.  It reminds me somehow of my favorite, the magnolia.

We watched this sweet old man make a Chinese
pastry on a side street.

Cheng Chau's famous buns.  The bun festival is next month.

A good Hong Kong sign at a local pearl tea shop.

Up next, a trip to the Big Buddha and some more eating.  I love weeks like these, with visitors from out of town to remind me how much I love Hong Kong.


amischmashedlife said...

Nice pics you have there N! Makes me want to jump on the next plane to HK now. Or maybe not too soon, I just got back! :) Looks like the grand folks are having fun too! Have fun some more!


MER BAGS said...

so glad joe and julie are having a nice visit! looks like you are having so much fun. i can't believe how big cally looks on the scooter, feel like i haven't seen you in so long. michael is really beginning to look like skater dude, with his long hair in the wind. love you all. p

Shan said...

Makes me too want to be in Hong Kong ... with that said ... Luke has a new job (out of the police force), and there is scope to move to Singapore, Vietnam or Hong Kong in the next five years. Will you still be there do you think? We are very, very excited! xo

brummygem said...

this post makes me really miss hong kong - thanks for sharing your adventures! x

Norbyah said...

come and visit! xo

emily said...

i feel like i'm there! fantastic post. love cally's little outfit... ;) can't wait for more on your spring break. xo

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