Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Oh my Buddha!

The Big Buddha on Lantau Island has got to be one of my favorite outings to go on when we have visitors.  Every time I go, I find something else to love.  The last trip we took up was with my sister and Jared when I was eight months pregnant with Cally, two years ago.  It was funny to think about as I walked up all the stairs to the top.  I had to stop on all the landings for a breather with the extra weight I was carrying then.  This time, Joey carried her up on his shoulders.

Also this time, we discovered the crystal cabins on the cable car ride over.  Glass bottomed cars!  What a thrill these were for the kiddos.  Cally was not too keen on the glass floor and snuggled in tight for safety.  She wouldn't even put her feet down as she got out of the stroller!

The tops of trees.  Not very often we see those.

Noni was also not too keen on the glass bottom.  Can you see the look on her face as we took off?


I think the highlight of our day for the big kids was this ride.  Look at Ella!

Shortly after this, Cally wanted nothing to do with the glass bottom.

A sign marking distances to other great landmarks.

Yep, that grizzly face is my hubby's.

All three in front of the Buddha and all the stairs leading up to him.
There's always so much to see.  I love taking pictures when we're here.   I love the details.  And, we couldn't have picked a better day.  The weather was breezy and warm.  The sun was shining and the skies were clear.  From the top, we could see all the surrounding islands.  

Some plants down at the temple near the monastery. 

Designs painted on the walls inside.

Beautiful lighting and lanterns.

But it's Buddha's sheer size and peaceful countenance along with the feat of building him at the top of this hill that amazes me the most.  

I am awestruck every time.


Diane said...

What FUN! Enjoyed your detail photos &, as ALWAYS, your people photos. Had to save the one of your precious 3 on the stairway.
Stunning Buddha! A clear day - how lucky is THAT? Thanks for sharing your adventures!

emily said...

incredible. this was one of my favorite things about my visit to hk. i had to huff and puff up whilst only 5 months pregnant... can't imagine doing it at 8. ;) a sweet thing for emmett and cally to have in common.
love you.

Aron said...

Her reaction to the glass bottom is so cute!


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