Thursday, April 28, 2011


When I saw this look on eat.sleep.wear,

Her skirt is American Apparel.

I decided to throw this look together.  I know it's another maxi skirt (believe me, I wear other things).  And, it's the same maxi skirt that I wore in the last post (probably a big faux pas in the fashion blogging world - oops!)

My skirt is from Stanley Market, along with the brass necklace.  The shirt is H&M.

I enlisted the help of the hubby for pictures this time...

Take note of how my skirt stuck on the leaves of one of the plants on my mum's balcony.  Nice.

...and even tried to do an action shot to capture the floaty quality of this skirt.  Several of my colleagues commented that the skirt made me seem graceful like a ballerina.  Funnily enough, I managed to trip over chairs and totally disrupt a class when I went in to talk to a few students.  So much for being graceful!

My hubby had a good chuckle at my expense while I tried to pose for these pictures, and having it be him behind my blackberry made me rather nervous.  I'll have to work on this a bit.  (Anyone who knows him knows he enjoys taking the piss out of people.  It's endearing.)  He also asked why I didn't use my fancy camera to take the pictures to which I responded that it's usually little Ella taking the pics.  She can't carry the weight of it and take a picture at the same time!

He'll be done with his master's degree at the end of this week, which is a HUGE accomplishment considering it's been done solely online.  I'm really proud of him.  And, I'll be glad to have him back and less busy.

In other news, the lovely Mikka from amischmatched life asked me to be a guest blogger for an upcoming mother's day series she's doing.  I'm incredibly honored and super excited to be taking part.  I'll let you know when she uploads my post (I have to write it first!)

I've got a different post lined up for later today.  Come back to have a look!


kimpesch said...

awee! I love how u styled this skirt :)) Glad to be an inspiration to you!

xo Kim

amischmashedlife said...

You're really rocking this maxi skirt thing you have going on N! Love this look. And I can't wait for your guest post! SO sweet of you to even accept knowing how busy you are. Thank you :)

cathching said...

Hi I just stumbled upon your blog and enjoying it immensely! I love hk and I try to visit once a year ( which is soon!! Like in aug!) anyway I just want to know what website did your husband use for the online masteral study? My own hubby is looking into a program online... Thanks! Oh I love the beige maxi skirt!!

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