Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Easter fun

We're just finishing up a lovely four day weekend for Easter.  With many Hong Kong schools on holiday, all our normal weekend activities were cancelled, leaving us time to actually relax.

The kids were all abuzz with it being Easter weekend.  We colored eggs - a first for Cally - with the coloring kit that Noni and Papa brought over a few weeks ago.  The two bigs knew all about this and had looked forward to it, but Cally was new to it all.  It's always so fun to do something with the kids for the first time.  She marvelled at how the tablets fizzed while they dissolved and she loved the egg dipper.  She always wanted it so she could dip any egg she could get her hands on into the dye.  I sat close by so I could help her (though she wanted none of it).  She was so eager for her second egg that she dropped it right into the blue, cracking the shell on one side and splashing the blue dye.

The blank white eggs, waiting to be colored.

The colors were so bright and beautiful this year.  I don't remember such vibrant colors in previous years.  We'll have to remember this brand and use it again.  Cally and I worked on our last egg together.  I wanted a two toned one, like Buddy and Joey's eggs.  Cally was too eager to wait patiently and knocked it out of my hand, so the green dripped into the space where I wanted to dye it orange.  It was...artistic.

Can you see our 'special' egg on the right?

Watching the tablet fizz.

Buddy contemplates colors.

Ella and Buddy helped their sister get into Easter, talking up the Easter bunny and such.  On Saturday morning, we had a neighborhood egg hunt at school (the country park was too wet because it had rained all night).  It was so sweet to watch Cally finding eggs this year.  She gasped every time and said, I find na one!  Last year we were in Malaysia at Easter, and the year before she was only two months old!  I realized that it was the first Easter for all of us in our new house, which meant new hiding spots for the kids.  Since Michael was the most 'experienced' he talked through the traditions for Easter morning so we'd all know what to do.  First, the Easter bunny leaves their special baskets for finding eggs by their bedroom doors, then they go to the starting spots for a look at their little presents and then they go egg hunting.  Right!

Ella and her Easter bunny pancake a la Mummy.
After the egg hunt, I made our regular Sunday morning pancakes with a special treat for the kiddos.  I tried my hand at bunny shapes and they turned out pretty well, too!  Now people, I don't cook.  At all.  I don't enjoy it.  But there is one thing I can cook, and the kids look forward to it.  Sunday pancakes.  I like that they know I can make those.  It's my speciality.

Buddy's note to the Easter bunny.

Shortly after we tucked the kids into bed on Saturday night, I found a little note that Buddy had quietly written for the Easter bunny.  In it, he asked the Easter bunny if some eggs could be hidden in a harder place, just for him.  I smiled because I didn't know he had written the letter, but I also reflected on a conversation I'd had with him as I was tucking them into bed.  It turns out he had the same chat with Joey, too.  He'd asked me if the Easter bunny was real.  He told me that a classmate had said that Santa Claus and the Easter bunny were really just the parents.  The look on his face told me that he was really just checking if there was anything to this boy's story because he still really believes in the wonder of these holidays.  So, I thought quickly and responded, Buddy, all you need to do is believe something is real for it to be real.  

I went on to explain that perhaps that boy said that because he doesn't believe it anymore, but it doesn't mean that it isn't real.  Ella was lying in her bed close by, and at that moment, the response I gave was good enough.  But my heart sank a little.  This very idea has never even entered his head before this weekend and I could tell he was thinking it over because it seemed confusing to him.  And it made me upset because I remember the magic of believing in these things as a child, and how that changed a little after I realized what I believed wasn't entirely true.  I know that some time, perhaps sooner than I want, Buddy's feelings may change.  But I hope that when that day comes, he'll still believe in the spirit of Christmas and Easter, just as I still do.

Because it really is magic.  The look on their faces when they wake up.  Their smiles as they see what treasures are in store.  The wonder on their faces when they read the letters or think about what took place while they slept. (Buddy still woke up before 5 am and was super excited that the Easter bunny had chewed on his note and left carrot bits all around).  

I'll hang onto these as long as I can.

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amischmashedlife said...

What beautiful kids you have! Happy Easter to you and your family! Btw, I sent you a message. Hope to hear from you soon! :)

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