Friday, March 18, 2011

Grey skies

I found a grey maxi skirt!  No, it's not pleated like the one I've been coveting, but it gives the illusion of pleats because of it unique crushed viscose-like material.  And, the best part of finding this skirt is that I found it in Stanley Market, five minutes from my house.  Gosh, I love Stanley Market!

So, I threw this look together and thought I'd show you.  A little bit inspired by all the street style blogs I've been reading, I decided to throw on my oversized men's cardi, my black fedora-style hat, and some stripes.  And, what you can't see are my tights (it's a drizzly, cold and windy day here today).

Sheltered from the misty weather on my balcony.

It can be so fun getting dressed in the morning when all the pieces fit together as you imagine they do in your head.

By the way, my photographer this time was not my mother, but rather my sweet five-year old daughter Ella, who is always happy to help me with anything.  Especially when it involves posing (if she gets to do it first) and dressing up.  We tried using my SLR camera, but it was too heavy, so she used my blackberry.

She's pretty good, don't you think?

Ella poses so I can show her where to take the picture.


amischmashedlife said...

Nice! Great find that skirt of yours! And I love the fedora. Also love that your daughter took the pic. Enjoy your weekend!

Natalie Suarez said...

beautiful! i love it :)

Heart Charlie said...

I love the maxi skirt you've found, I also love both of your stripe shirts, so adorable!

emily said...

you look beautiful, as always, but i can't help but notice more importantly ELLA! look at her, norbyah? she looks 12 to me. gorgeous. just liker her mum.

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