Sunday, March 6, 2011

Ella's compliment

I'm on my second week without Joe.  
(Don't worry, I did get him back for five days last week).  
We're surviving.

I was lucky enough last night to get out for a girl's movie night to see The King's Speech.  It was fabulous.  I love Colin Firth.

Two weeks ago, I went to see soprano Cecilia Bartoli with my mother.  I had been given tickets by parents of one of my students and thought it would be fun to go with my mum since Joey was in Guam.  It was a bit of a special night, since it was a school night, and it was also the official opening of the Hong Kong Arts Festival.  The parents who gave me tickets were in attendance as special invited guests for the opening.  The father sits on the board.

Anyhow, it was a night to get dressed up, and to enjoy grown up company in the midst of single parenting at home.  It was lovely.

Before I stepped out, Ella sized me up (as she usually does before I go out anywhere) and said, Mummy, you look like a girl from New York!


Considering it was New York Fashion Week, I took that as a huge compliment.  I even had my mum take a picture of the outfit so I could tell my sisters.  Such a sweet daughter I have.  She then gave me the 20 questions about where the dress was from, and what color the lipstick was, and who gave me the earrings, and why I don't wear high high hills etc, etc.


noelle_wright said...

Lovely! Your post just made me miss the MTR! hehe

brummygem said...

sweet - and i love the dress! x

emily said...

you're gorgeous.
i miss you.

Shan said...

Gorgeous! Janet is getting pretty good at this fashion photography stuff. xo

Anonymous said...

Wow--you look great!

Norbyah said...

thanks girls. i felt a bit self conscious doing this post because i didn't want it to seem like i was fishing for compliments. and, to post a picture of just me??? crazy.

gilly said... look lovely...a huge improvement on the fashion efforts we were making in that photo of middle school graduation! You've come a long way! (I, however, am stuck in a post babies, 12 things in my closet, fully fledged rut!)

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