Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Could this be Ella?

I stumbled on this cute you tube clip on A Cup of Jo's blog yesterday.

It made me chuckle.  And, it made me think...

Ella has been taking ballet for a year and a half at a local community center.  The instruction is in Cantonese, similar to her local kindergarten.  She loves it.  A few of her friends from school and around Stanley all come together every Saturday for class.  The mummies love it too.  Who wouldn't love a bevy of little four and five year old girls dressed in pink tulle?

As Ella is now in pre-primary ballet, and she's five, she's old enough to do the Royal Academy of Dance examination.  As such, she's had extra practices on Sundays.  Last week, I overheard her teacher working with her on her curtsy.  She had shown me how it was done -- swaying from side to side and pointing her toes, then running up and putting her right foot behind the left, all while holding her skirt -- only a week or so before.  I thought she was doing quite well.  Then I heard the ballet teacher say, what happened to you today Ella?

I had a quick conversation with her to inquire how I might be able to help her at home, and she suggested giving her a CD to copy the music.  She also said that she thought Ella was getting confused with the addition of a new skill to her curtsy, which was causing her to forget to sway.  Ella seemed unhappy that she hadn't done well, so I took her to our school dance room for some extra practice.  This week, the teacher said she'd done better.  Yay!

But, the reality is that Ella has two left feet.  She stumbles on tiny pebbles.  And though she tries, her sense of rhythm isn't exactly on beat.  So I wonder, thinking of Buddy, too.  Buddy LOVES soccer.  All his friends play.  But, getting into it later than the rest of them, his skill is still developing.  I worry about him not making the Tai Tam Tigers next year (he's also on the older end of his class, so must play in the year above his friends).

So I wonder what you mummies out there think.  How far do you encourage your children to pursue activities they love before accepting that perhaps they may not have much success?  I haven't given up on my children, don't get me wrong.  I'm just bracing myself for mending broken hearts if they are rejected.

What would you do?


acommonthread said...

awww...that video is adorable! and i've been taking ballet lessons for the past few weeks (this is my first time; i never did as a kid) and i feel a bit like ella and the little girl in the video :)

Kennedy said...

aww so cute!

Heart Charlie said...

I saw this video on COJ and it is still as adorable as ever!! I am not a mommy so I am not sure I know the answer to your question :( But I think learning, pushing yourself, and striving towards something, even if you don't end up a champion of it is a part of life, and a good but heartbreaking lesson to learn. I often say knowing what you don't want is as important as knowing what you do want. And sometimes the things you think you want, you discover it may not be so. I remember my mom encouraged me 100% with every wacky hobby I tried out (looking back, even though it was clear I was not good at 1/2 of the things I tried! - hahaha) But just having her support, having her love, when I triumphed and when I failed was everything to me. In the end I think it's what gave me the courage as an adult to follow my dreams. I knew I had "fallen down" so many times, but always got back up. And my family would love me no matter what ;)

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