Saturday, March 12, 2011

Celebrating little things.

On Tuesday, Buddy came home to tell me that he was receiving a yellow card at school.  My immediate reaction was to wonder whether this was a good thing or a bad thing.  We're deeply invested in Buddy's soccer, so the yellow card analogy there is not a positive one.  Buddy reassured me, however, that his yellow card from school was to recognize his good behaviour on the bus.  He said he would be presented it in morning meeting the next day.  I beamed with pride and told him so, which made him melt into me for a cuddle.

Sure enough, when he arrived home on Wednesday, he had a yellow card along with a certificate of recognition signed by the associate principal himself!  Indeed, Michael had been recognized for good behaviour on the afternoon bus by the bus mother and rewarded by his school.  Michael's teacher, Mr. F, presented it to him with some fanfare that morning.  I could still see how happy Buddy was about this; he was bright as a button.

And, it made me feel good, too.  These days, it seems like more conflict with Buddy.  He argues.  He's opinionated.  He's disagreeable.  And, on any given day, it's a toss up for how I actually handle it.  I wish I could say I didn't let it ruffle my feathers, but more days than not, it does.  I constantly nag him.  About homework, picking up his things, not fighting with his sister, etc.  So, to be able to enjoy this, and to shower him with hugs and kisses and tell him how much it makes me proud, felt good for me.

Yesterday was a long day.  While all our HS students were out on interim trips this week (Joey and my mum included), I was given the job of assisting the emergency contact person with updating the google site for parents and teachers.  It's usually a busy week, but it became even more so when the earthquake in Japan hit yesterday afternoon.  We had three trips located there and my mum was the leader for one of them.  From about 2:30pm yesterday afternoon it was non-stop until I finally went to bed at just after midnight.  I ended up staying at school and working in the office until after 9pm.  I was relieved to talk to my mum at about 4:30pm and we were able to confirm that all trips were fine. ***

It certainly was not the day I expected when I left the house in the morning.  Needless to say, I hardly saw the kids and I missed our usual Friday family movie night, among other things.  When I finally walked in the door last night, Yaya said that Buddy wanted to wait up for me since it wasn't a school night.  He was up reading and waiting so he could see me before going to sleep.

I was glad.  I needed to get a little boy kiss before bed after the day I'd had.  And I was reminded once again, not by a yellow card this time, just what a sweet boy I have.  So I must remember to celebrate him more often.

***It was so busy yesterday that I hadn't had time to really process, for myself, knowing that my mum was over in Japan during this horrific tragedy.  It really dawned on me this morning, when I received her text to say that her plane was getting ready to take off from Nagoya.  One of the students on their trip, whose father is a pilot for Cathay, had flown to Nagoya to fly them home.  When they were welcomed on board, he made a special announcement to specially welcome the HKIS interim group and tell them he was going to take them home safely.  The relief I felt at that moment made me feel weepy and anxious to see her for myself.  She arrived home after lunch and the kids and I spent the rest of the day in her company.


Heart Charlie said...

Awww what an adorable and positive post!

CheleTales said...

So glad to hear that your mom, Joey and the rest of the students are safe. With all of the devastation in Japan, I can't imagine how scary it was until you got the A-OK from them.

emily said...

love this post for so many reasons.
1.) janet is home safe and sound. thank god.
2.) that boy of yours. he's just incredible. i can not believe how grown he is. i look at his face and see a little man AND a tiny baby all at once. i miss him.

amischmashedlife said...

An inspiring post you have there. I'm glad you're Mum is safe and sound from Japan. And you're boy is endearing in his own little ways :)

Diane said...

You had a big job being the contact for all the travel people & I can't imagine your feelings knowing your Mum was there. It was SO good to hear her voice yesterday & know she's safely home. You DO have the bestist family! and the mothering (good,bad & ugly) all pays off eventually. You are doing a GREAT job!!

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