Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Budding artists.

Buddy has long been an artist.  He loves to draw, to make his own comics, to capture what he sees around him in pictures.  Ella is also following in his footsteps.  And, I know I've written about this before, I've noticed the evolution of their drawings.  Ella's still mostly into drawing people, where Buddy is into drawing scenes and places.

These days, it's the details that are most interesting.  Buddy's drawings show incredible detail - each leaf on his banyan trees (yes, detail even down to the type of tree--he's doing this at school), the branches, the bricks, the armor.  He draws on such a small scale now, too.

Notice how she put her name in pink.  She always finds a way to use pink.
She's also given the bird some eyelashes.

Ella's details are equally as elaborate.  All the girls she draws (and yes, she mostly draws girls) have this gorgeous curly hair, the eyelashes are long and lush and she's into drawing ears with earrings.  Such a girl.  And always, if she's drawing herself, she draws the sprinkle on her forehead.  It seems like almost daily, she will draw a picture of her with one of her friends and then bring it to school to give to her.  I'm sure this little girl has a drawer full of drawings from Ella by now.

Given their artistic inclinations (and the lack of art being taught at Buddy's school), we enrolled both kids in art classes in Stanley last year.  There, they learn technique, sketching, and painting.  Both eagerly look forward to their art classes and talk enthusiastically about what they're working on.  And, we're starting to get a big collection of their finished products.  I have grand ideas of displaying their artwork in the stairway up to our rooftop (because of all the natural light), but right now the space is being occupied by all of Joey's cans of tomatoes (for his now dormant pizza business).

Ella with her teacher and one of her good friends.

A few weeks ago, the kids' art teacher sent me the sweet pictures you see in this post.  I'll have to photograph some of Buddy's artwork to share, too.  Quite amazing.


brummygem said...

ella's painting is brilliant - you've definitely got a talented girl there! x

gilly said...

Love it!

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