Monday, February 14, 2011

A tea party.

My 'crafty' party bags.

We kept it simple and sweet for Cally's birthday.  I wasn't actually going to have a party for her, but then I thought it would be nice to do something small, especially since she really gets birthdays now.  It helps to have two older siblings celebrate in the months before.

Snacks of the kid and adult variety.

Ella's friend Laurene and her gorgeous mummy.

So, we kept the guest list exclusive (not so difficult since Cally doesn't have that many friends).  We invited two little girls and decided to have afternoon tea.  Yaya baked banana chocolate chip muffins, I cut up some fruit and we (adults) enjoyed tea, coffee and wine.

Sweet Miya plays with the tea set.

The little girls played with Ella's tea set and Cally's new kitchen (from Yaya and Jojo), the adults enjoyed some conversation, and the big kids (brothers of the little girls invited) played with Ella and Buddy.

The birthday girl.

Yummy banana choc chip muffins.

It was just perfect.


brummygem said...

a tea party - how fun! and i love the crafty party bags!

emily said...

wish i could have been there to celebrate. xo

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