Monday, February 14, 2011

My lovelies.

Joey and I don't do Valentine's day.  I know he loves me, and he knows I love him.  He is ever the romantic, too.  We just don't really do Valentine's day.

That said, it is nice to know I have him and my other little valentines around me today.

Buddy had to make Valentines for his class last week.  With the extra love-hearts we cut out, he made a valentine for each of us.  Ella also made one for Buddy and Cally.  They secretly hid them so the others wouldn't know (and I was privy to this info, which made for a stressful morning making sure I could remember where they all were, phew!)

They both took them out of their hiding spots and presented them to us with big smiles this morning.  Cally walked around with hers in her little hands saying Happy Bitday!  She even pointed up to the top shelf of our closet, where all the birthday pressies are usually hidden.

When Yaya and Jojo came in, they greeted us all with a warm Happy Valentine's Day! (good for a cold morning) and they brought us some lovely lilies. 

Such a sweet morning.

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