Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Five, already.

Ella was chirpy when she woke up,
despite getting home at midnight.

Just like that.  Phew!  Where do the years go?  It's funny, because Ella's life also measures how many years we've been in Hong Kong as well.  She was only 6 months old when we arrived.

Emmy, Uncle Jared and Milo's birthday card.  

 I hid the unopened Christmas presents so that only
the birthday girl opened presents.
This year's birthday was special.  Everyone on my side of the family was in Hong Kong to celebrate.  Joey and I decided to let Buddy and Ella stay home from school since we'd arrived home close to midnight on Sunday.  She spent her birthday bumping around HK (dim sum, Central and Stanley for coffee in the afternoon).  My mum and I had to work, but we managed to spend good time with everyone in the afternoon.

Obbie in the middle.  Longshanks as he's been nicknamed.  See why?

Ella requested Daddy's pizza for the birthday dinner.
Joey made a few pies so that PT and Obbie could try them, and we also ordered our favorite, Stanley Family.  We had delicious salted caramel cupcakes made by a former colleague of mine and a dance party in our living room.  The first song?  Umbrella by Rihanna, of course.

Blowing out five candles.

Grandad and Milo play Cally's light up drum.

My beautiful sisters.  It felt good to have them in our new home.

Cool Buddy.  Still sweet and thoughtful.
I think Els had a great time on her birthday - spent just as it should be - surrounded by family.


Diane said...

How PERFECT for 5 yr. old Ella! Lovely photos of everyone. Happy Birthday sweet Ella! Ken's B'day was yesterday - the 4th - went downtown Seattle's Pike's Mkt. Bought a bag of dried veggies your Dad found there - for Happy Time, of course ;) Cheers to the sweet January "babies!"

Shan said...

Ella is 5 - WOW! Does that mean school starts this year? Such happy photographs of your family. xo

MER BAGS said...

what would you do without longshanks and his surprise moonings!

allil said...

Dear Norbyah..
My name is Jamal Al-Lil, I saw one of your pix (stated Grandad and Milo), just to confirm whether the Grandad is my ex Homeroom Teacher at Mara Junior Science College Kuantan and my Advisor at Carbondale, Mr Michael Tan. If that is him, i would love to meet him, pls contact me at

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