Wednesday, January 12, 2011

And, just like that...

On our way to eat brekky in KL at Ali Maju.
(We ate here everyday).

...holidays are over.

We swam.  A lot.

Cally and Milo LOVED the water in Kuantan.

Ella tried diving.

Morning brekky of roti canai and teh tarik.

Work continues.  Exams this week.

A beer IN the pool at the Hyatt in Kuantan.

Did I mention we ate a lot?

Family has gone.
It's been a week.  Funny how a week can feel like an eternity.
It feels like ages since I've seen them...

Visiting our friends the K's. On their verandah.

...and ages till I'll see them again.

Three headed monster shot.

Another swimming pic.


brummygem said...

happy new year norbyah! so nice to see pictures of your whole family. it looks like you had so many special moments together. x

brummygem said...

p.s. the picture of the roti is making me drool! yummmm......

Putri said...

makes me so homesick and miss you guys so so so much. wish we were swimming and having breakfast at ali maju, how i laju.

CheleTales said...

Looks like you guys had a memorable time together. So jealous that you had a chance to go back to Malaysia. Maybe one day that will be in the cards for us. In the meantime, I'll live vicariously through you. :)

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