Saturday, February 27, 2010

A toddler.

Who am I kidding? Cally really is a toddler. She's been doing a lot of toddling. Or you could call it walking. Just this week, Joey and I noticed the progress. More than just taking steps, she's now choosing to walk more than she's choosing to crawl. And, she can get up by herself, without using furniture to stand up.

Have a look for yourself.

That's not to say that her feet (or her body) don't get ahead of her. There's still plenty of that. It's fun and nerve wracking all at once.

Monday, February 22, 2010

The beginning of the end

...of breastfeeding.

Forgive me. This post is going to be a mopey, down in the dumps a little, feeling sad kind of post. I've started weaning Cally. Now that she's one, she can have cow's milk (she's not entirely crazy about it, so we're working on that). That means, I should wean her. The doctor said she should be getting more food than milk. I know all this, and I weaned my other two around this same age.

But, this feels different. I know this is the last baby I'll breastfeed. And, next to actually being pregnant, it's my favorite thing about being a mum. Even with the clogged milk ducts, sore boobs, cabbage in my bra stuff (and I've had a lot of that this time around), I love it.

So this morning, I missed her. She usually comes up to my mum's house at around 9:10 and I nurse her. For the last few mornings when we've been on holiday, we've stretched her through this morning feeding. It made no sense to bring her up to work today; she'd only be expecting a suck. Once she's weaned, she can visit all she likes, but for now...for now, she's staying home. And, even though I saw her at lunch and I'm only 3 minutes away, I missed her.

And, I'll miss the quiet, snuggly moments I have with her when she's totally weaned.

I mean, wasn't she just this big? My online baby updates now read - your toddler this can that be?

I know there are wonderful things in store for us, but I am having a bit of a hard time letting this phase of her life go.

Friday, February 19, 2010

For Emily

I've been meaning to take these pictures for some time. Finding the right moment, the right light, and of course, a few minutes of extra time made this a challenge. But, the other day, the thought crossed my mind, I had a few minutes to spare and I thought there could be some good light by the full length window in Cally's room.

And this was what I got.

A little bit of resistance when it came to keeping the hat on.

Some minor success with the hat when she was distracted. (If I faced her towards me, she made a quick break for me and my camera. I had to wipe some baby fingerprints off my lens.)

And then, the money shot.

And another.

Sweet Cally in her sweet hat given to her by her Godparents Dave and Emily for Christmas.

Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Rained in

We're on holiday this week. Chinese New Year to be exact. The year of the tiger promises to be an exciting one for us since our new baby cousin is going to be a tiger. Like me.

But, the weather has been, well...typical for this time of year. Cold. Rainy. Last night was a low of 7 degrees celcius (44 degrees fahrenheit for you living in America). Not freezing, I know. But it's that cold inside too. Seriously, my bedroom is like a meat locker.

So, we've been doing a lot of artsy stuff this week.

Finger painting,

and making plaster mould glitter fairies.

We're loving each other's company. While at the same time, going a little stir crazy and trying not to hurt each other.

It's a delicate and precarious balance.

Tuesday, February 9, 2010

One year ago.

Sweet Cally Jane came into this world to join our family.

How does one year fly by so quickly? So many milestones celebrated. So much love for this little one.

Over the course of this year, we've watched her become a part of our family.

And for that, we're all so grateful. Happy 1st birthday Cally!

Monday, February 8, 2010

Dancing Ella

Apologies for the tardiness of this post. Joey pointed out the date of my last entry and Ella's performance was a week ago.

Our Ella has been taking baby ballet. She has, for as long as I can remember (okay, maybe since she was two), wanted to be a ballerina. Two Christmases ago, she was given some beautiful ballet shoes from Uncle Jared and Emmy. She also got a ballerina doll and a book with a CD of classical ballet music from Auntie Michelle. She loves to be a ballerina which means arms up while slowly doing a spin or to dance which means wiggle her bum bum from side to side.

So I was really happy when I discovered, through a school friend of Ella's, the community center in Stanley Plaza where they have baby ballet classes. And, for the bargain price of 300 HK for six classes. Perfect. In case being a ballerina is a short-lived phase.

So far, it is not.

Last Sunday, Ella had her first performance in the amphitheatre in Stanley Plaza.

She shone. I mean, I know as her mother, I am a little biased. But, she did. She was smiling. She knew all her steps. She was so confident up on that little stage. Her teacher had told me that she and Izzy (another school friend) were the leaders of the group. And they were.

When other children either got stage fright, or didn't quite know the moves, she and Izzy did. See them both with their arms up? They seemed totally unaware that there were hundreds of strange faces looking at them.

And this was quite a production. I had to drop her off in the morning for hair and make up. There was a flurry of activity with girls of all ages lining up for the assembly line of make up, hair and costumes. The ballet teacher was in charge of them all. I felt a little nervous leaving her at first, and I waited there for about 45 minutes, but then I realized that Ella was absolutely fine. Her only concern was to make sure she got her make up done.

Buddy was ever the sweet big brother. Excited about Ella's debut performance. Commenting on how beautiful she looked and how well she danced. Here they are all snuggles after her dance.

Finally, we had to wait to take a group photo. Some of the littlest ones didn't make it the whole afternoon, but you can see from the size of the group that it was quite a production. And, it was fun. Ella so enjoyed being with her little ballet friends. Here, again, I saw a return of some of the confidence I've watched her lose with some of her recent experiences on our field. She didn't feel anxious about who would play with her or what they might say and there was no competition or meanness. I was so happy for her. She (and I) needed a day like this.

And, while it was a long day, it was also a good one.

Here's a short clip of her dancing:

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