Saturday, December 4, 2010

I've been better.

Not because I turned 36 today, but because little Buddy, who turned 8 today, spent the better part of the day - and is sleeping over - in hospital tonight.  He's fine.  We took him in after a pretty good knock on his head just before lunch; somehow, he tumbled over as he was running to get his new soccer ball and landed on his head.  He was woozy to get up and complained that his head really hurt and that it made him dizzy and felt like a magnet pulling his head towards the floor, so we thought it better to be sure.  They did an x-ray and ran a CT scan too, so we feel better knowing.

The birthday boy, this morning.  Anyone notice that the sky is still dark?  We were up early!
Joey gets to stay over with him, which is good for Buddy because he won't be alone in his ward with all the old men (I still don't know why they have him there in the neurological ward and not in peds), but I do hope that Joey manages to get some decent sleep.

Taking a closer look at the nerf tag guns we got him.
It's not easy to leave your baby behind in hospital.  I know I've said this before from the posts I wrote when Cally was merely a week old, but I'll say it again.  Just because my baby is 8, doesn't mean it's any easier to leave him behind, especially knowing it's his birthday (and mine), and we're meant to be all together.  At least I know that Joey is there to make sure he isn't scared.  He'll likely be home around noon tomorrow, but we've had to do some rearraning of birthday party stuff.  Rather than going with the original plan of nerf gun war and soccer at 11:30, we'll probably just have his friends around for some star wars cake and juice some time after 2pm.  Lower key.

A few more gifts.  Diary of a Wimpy Kid, for starters.
Buddy was in better spirits as the day went on, which made me feel good that he was on the mend.  I tried to joke with him a little, reminding him that eight years ago today, he also made me spend my birthday in hospital.  We got him smiling again by the evening.  Mostly back to normal.

The infamous new soccer ball.

And, I managed to snap a few pics of the birthday boy this morning, as he was opening gifts, looking happy and chirpy as a newly eight year old should.

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