Monday, November 15, 2010

Wee wee!

This morning, Cally did her first wee wee on the potty.  We were all very excited about it, but no one more than Cally, herself.  I don't know that I've seen her grin so big, wrinkling up her nose and peering at me through those sweet eyes that say, I know I'm a big girl.

She's been interested in the potty for some time now.  Her favorite DVD, which she demands emphatically every morning, is Elmo: Potty Time (thank you Auntie Michelle - it was Ella's favorite, too).  She's even decided to use Buddy's old Elmo placemat every morning.

Watching Elmo, so intently.
Every evening, she asks to sit on the potty before bath time by pointing to it and saying, wee wee! And, every evening, we pretend, I wipe her little bum and put her in the tub while it's filling with warm water. And, without fail, as she stands an arc of wee tinkles into the tub.  One night, she weed and it landed right on Ella's foot.  We all giggled about that.

Would you look at that focus? Even biting her lower lip.
I don't expect her to be using the toilet with frequency any time soon.  I know potty training has it's setbacks, and she's only 21 months old.  Nevertheless, it was a BIG milestone this morning.

Postlude (Tuesday morning).  As I look at this post this morning, I smile because when Cally woke up today, she said wee! wee! I plopped her on the potty, and she did it AGAIN!  And, she had the same big girl grin with the squinty eyes and head tilted back to look at me.


Shan said...

I remember Ella watching that same DVD when we were in Honkers. It hasn't worn out yet? xo

Kennedy said...

the cuteness in these pictures is totally overwhelming <3

Myrtle the Turtle said...

Good job Cally! Such a big girl...

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