Wednesday, November 10, 2010

A little pick me up.

Remember that crochet bib necklace giveaway that I won?  Well, Stephanie of A Common Thread offered to feature me on her blog, if I sent her a picture.  Imagine that, me on someone else's blog.  And one that has to do with fashion and creativity!  I was so excited.

Well, this morning she left me a comment that brightened my day.  She'd put up a post with one of my pics!  I had a smile firmly plastered on my face all morning.  Thank you, Stephanie.

Mum was my photographer and we tried to channel fashion blogs I read.

You can read the full post here, at nimble fingers blog, as well as link to her etsy shop to see what other gorgeous creations she's made.  She is also a collaborator for the owls are not what they seem fashion blog.  Check them both out.  My sweet mum took the pictures for me, and was patient while I tried to think of creative ways to showcase the necklace.  I felt a bit silly asking Joey to do it, because I was worried he'd make fun of me.  Turns out I underestimated him, as usual, because he thought the whole idea was cool and offered to take pics, too.

Another thing that brightened my day today?  I was able to pop over to Buddy's school for half an hour for the Author's tea.  Michael and his writing partner read me their stories and talked about how to give good compliments as well as using authors as mentors.  We enjoyed yummy baked goodies.  But the best part of it was when I walked in the door.  Buddy had caught a glimpse of me coming up the stairs and I could see his eyes light up.  By the time a came through the door, his whole face was beaming.

Add to this book club at my house with some lovely ladies and a glass of wine, and I've had enough me moments to build up the emotional bank and feel restored.


Anonymous said...

you're beautiful!

acommonthread said...

i agree with mayliao above! you look spectacular! it makes me so happy to someone else wearing something that i created - i love it! and i know exactly what you mean about the photos -- it's hard! that's why i'm always wearing sunglasses or looking down. in either case, you look great!

emily said...

my beautiful friend.
i'm glad you got the pick-me-ups that it sounded like you so desperately needed.
i'm wishing i were there to help you with your fashion photos... although your mum did a lovely job!

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