Monday, November 22, 2010

Among other things.

This weekend was a great success for many reasons.  None more impressive than this one.


I got to visit the Great Wall.

As you stand on the Wall, you overlook China on one side and Mongolia on the other.

It is endless.  And awesome.


Shernina Nichols said...

It looks vaguely familiar- I went there when I was three!:) What a beautiful sight! Enjoy your time there- I am sure you miss the kids but I bet there is something nice about being with "big kids" for a period of time- even if we feel guilty admitting it:)!

Norbyah said...

i'm home now. it was a great trip, and you're right, good to be with 'big kids' for a bit. i'll be checking in on your blog now too! hope you are well.


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