Thursday, October 7, 2010

A little project

Periodically, our local grocery stores offer promotions to encourage their customers to continue spending money as well as reward them for the purchases they've made.  For every $50 HK dollars spent, a customer earns one sticker.  On weekends, a customer can earn double the stickers.  Some of the useful promos in previous years have allowed us to earn our digital thermometer, new casserole dishes and even kitchen knives.  The most recent promo was for stuffed animals.  These kinds of promos are the most exciting for the kids, but of course, we really have no need for any more stuffed animals.  

We decided from the beginning that we would collect our stickers and redeem them for animals to donate to Po Leung Kuk orphanage, where my Hong Kong Dancers go each Christmas.  Last year, with Buddy and Ella's help, and of course all my dancers, we brought a present for every child at the Orphanage.  You can read more about it here.

Naturally, we want to do it again this year.  Therein lay the incentive for our little project.  Following Joey's suggestion, I put a note in our school online newsletter calling for any unwanted Wellcome stickers.

I was overwhelmed with the response.  Along with all the envelopes and stickers sent through school mail, I received emails with kind words of encouragement.  People I didn't know stopped me in the halls and around the campus to tell me they had stickers, even when it was only one.  Buddy even brought stickers home from teachers at his school.  

And, the time we got to spend together, carefully placing stickers on pamphlets and counting them up, well, that was special too.  Sitting all together, as a family, to work towards something good.  For someone else.  The excitement when we completed a sheet.  Comments from Ella and Buddy like, won't the kids be happy when they get a new stuffed toy, mama? and Yay!  We just finished a sheet and now we can get ANOTHER toy for the orphanage!

It felt good.

 I felt proud as I watched my children working so hard and thinking of other little boys and girls.  Buddy, of course, remembers his trip there last year, and was wondering which kids he might see again.  Ella hopes to come along this year, too.  

Joey also said he wants to come along this year to see what we'd accomplished.  And, to feel the spirit of Christmas and of giving.

In the end, by the time the stickers were due, we'd collected enough to fill 26 pages.  That's 50 stickers per page!  We took all our stickers to Wellcome to redeem the stuffed animals.  You should have seen the funny looks we got when the store clerk brought out two huge boxes.  But, look how fun that day was!  The toys were tangible proof of all our efforts.  And, now we have 26 toys to bring for Christmas. 

The work of one family, with the support of our school community, for another community of children.


Tash said...

Awesome!!! Simple things bring great joys to others.. and so great you got your little ones so involved and they will be able to see the happiness it brings to others! Love it
tash xxxx

emily said...

you SHOULD be proud.
i'm proud of all of you, too.
love your family so much.

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