Monday, October 25, 2010

The hubby is...


We put trick candles on the cake.  Lots of laughs for the kids.

Ella and I 'secretly' iced the cake.
It was a low key Saturday.  Baseball for Buddy.  Ballet for Ella.  I caught up with my friend Bridget, who was in visiting from Shanghai for a coffee at Pacific Coffee, like we always used to when she was my neighbour in Stanley.

Still unaware of the trick candles.  About to blow them out for the first time.
The kids were a hive of activity early in the morning, making Joey birthday cards and a "Daddy's Sleep in Day" sign.  The night before, Buddy and I wrapped the book he wrote for Joey, and I wrote out dear and Happy Birthday so he'd know how to spell them for the card.

Trying for about the fourth time to blow out the candles.
They were very sweet, speaking in hushed voices all morning and keeping secrets later about the cake that Yaya baked and Ella and I iced.  Little Ella put m&ms on to decorate.  Jojo snuck out to Central to get a present for Joey from he and Yaya.  Then, when were all on the rooftop, I snuck down, blew up balloons and sent Ella back up to bring him down.

Yummy chocolate cake.
After singing hap bitday! we all had some late afternoon cake and Joey decided he'd like singing noodles for his birthday dinner.  We missed Nining, who is usually around for birthdays, but is in Vietnam visiting my dad this week.  Nonetheless, we ventured out, all seven of us (an extended family of sorts) to have some yummy noodles and get out of the 'hole' for the afternoon.

Jojo and Yaya join us for cake.  They got Joey a new pizza stone.  His had cracked.

It was nothing overly grand.  But, just right.  I'm not going to go into how lousy I feel, yet again, because I can't seem to get it right in the gift department for Joey's birthday.  Ever.  He's so thoughtful.  I suck.  This year, I didn't even get him anything.  I could say I tried really hard, but that wouldn't be entirely true.  Maybe I've just resigned myself to the fact that I'll never be good.  But this post is about him and his day, not me.  So I'll leave it at that and count my lucky stars that he loves me anyway.

She may turn her nose up at some things, but definitely not at cake!


Anonymous said...

Hey ms nolasco! I really liked this blog. Mr N's birthday did seem "just right", even if it's low key. In fact I LOVE low key birthdays and I always get nervous before/during my birthday because all I want is for it to be low key, I know it's weird! And about the gift department, I don't know if you were just talking about thinking of ideas for Mr N but I'm pretty much always stumped when it comes to gift-giving as well. For me it can't ever be planned! it just has to come to me when I see whatever it is and I'll buy it for that person.
Anyway i love your blog! miss you! :)

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