Friday, October 15, 2010

For Emily - lanterns on the beach 2010

I don't know what it is about this night that I love so much.

Maybe it's because I'm reminded of my own lantern nights (not on the beach) as a child.  Maybe it's because the kids are so excited about a special evening visit to the beach, or seeing their lanterns lit up with everyone else's.  Maybe it's the novelty of the glow sticks.  Maybe it's the view of the ocean at night, deep and black, against the moon's glow as it reflects off the water and the twinkling lights from apartment buildings.  The warm glow of the lanterns on Buddy, Ella and Cally's faces and in their eyes.  Or perhaps it's just the fact that everything aside, it's the simplicity of time spent together as a family, without the need for gifts from Santa or candy from the Easter bunny or any other extras.  The kids look forward to it with the same anticipation.

This year, the rain threatened to put a damper on the night all together.  It held off, thankfully, sprinkling only a little while we ate dinner.  Then, when it was time to head to the beach, the only thing we noticed was slightly cooler sea air and fewer people on the beach.

Getting lanterns ready on our walk from Stanley market to the beach.
Ella with butterfly  lantern and glow stick necklace.
Buddy makes a glow stick castle in the sand.
Cally.  Wandering, wandering.
Buddy's goldfish lantern glowing in Cally's cheeks.
Ella and Buddy with their lanterns, too.
No picture can do justice to the beautiful night we had this year, even without a clear view of the full moon.

And when the night is over, we tuck them into bed, a little sandy, smiles on their faces and glow sticks adorning their beds, in hopes that they'll still be illuminated in the morning.

1 comment:

emily said...

thank you.
i love this night, too.
you make me feel like writing again.

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