Wednesday, September 29, 2010


As it goes, Cally's saying a few more things since I wrote the last post.

Here they are:

um-bwill-ah - umbrella (it's really so cute, she kind of rolls her w)

Ho-joe - Uncle Jared (it was his birthday yesterday so she learned it just in time)

She likes singing.  Out of nowhere, she'll sing Lady Gaga's Bad la LA LA!  or the beginning of Soul Sister....he-ey, he-eh-eh-ey! She's a fan of Usher's songs like Papers or the Oh my gosh one.  She also sings Happy Birthday since a few weeks ago we had two birthday parties in a row over two weekends.  It sounds more like Hap Bit day.  

A rare snuggly moment when Cally stayed still during movie night.
She's musical this one.  Today she's gone off for her very first Honky Tonks class.  It's a little music and dance session with other toddlers.  The woman runs it right in her home and runs sessions for parents and children or helpers and children.  Being the working mother that I am, she's gone off with Eva.  I wish I could take her, but at least she's got this opportunity to interact with some other little ones.

We used to meet a little girl on Fridays for coffee, but she's since moved away (so goes the expat life).  When we said goodbye, Ella commented, poor Cally, her only friend is leaving.  We're hoping to remedy that.

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