Saturday, September 18, 2010

In our kitchen.

Joey's been busy.  

Some of Friday's orders.

I knew this summer that the idea of him starting a pizza shop was becoming more real. I didn't think it would happen so soon.  
Or that it would take off so quickly.

Joe's pizza label.

But it has.  It's been three weeks.  Joey's first sale was for a homeroom birthday - three pizzas.  And, they were a hit.  Next, he was making a few for some of his baseball & basketball players (from that homeroom).  He called me to let me know that he had some extra pizza bases and to ask around if anyone wanted to order pizza.  His orders were snapped up in a jiffy.
That was parent night three weeks ago.  Since then, things have really picked up.  

The word is out.  I've had kids stop me to ask how they can order one of his pizzas.  He's got a facebook page for Joe's Pizza.  And on Thursday, our Senior English - Broadcast Journalism class sent a News and Views team down to our house to interview him.

Cally and the pizza box delivery.  She even says 'pitt-da!'

He was scrambling at first to get boxes to deliver his pizza in.  A friend he used to work with last year hooked him up with several pizza boxes from her friend at another pizza chain here in Hong Kong.  Last weekend, the pizza boxes that he ordered - all 500 of them - arrived in our home.

Most days, he averages between seven and ten pizzas.  Yesterday was his best day yet.  Seventeen.
Pizza bases, waiting to go.

We're all incredibly proud of him, and we've been humbled by the overwhelming response (and support) from our school community.  Students order daily.  My colleagues think of him first when they are having student or teacher gatherings (yearbook retreats, homeroom parties, team meetings, etc).

And, of course, Jojo (Joey's stick man and go-to guy) with Yaya, right along side them both are moving right along with us on this pizza journey.

We're all excited.

We've been on this ride since day one with his first creation in our kitchen in Stanley.  For us, pizza night has always been a favorite in our home.  Last night, Joey had two little helpers to pass his secrets onto.

Little hands (Ella's) and big.
Gently smoothing out the dough.
Rolling out the dough.  Putting on the sauce.  Getting things just right.

Buddy puts the sauce on.

 Allowing them to take pride in their own creations.

Ella's pizza.

We'll be with him, wherever this takes us.  

Because for them, it will always be Daddy's Pizza.


Putri said...

i'm so proud of you joey! i've known how passionate you are about this and it makes me so happy that you are giving this a shot, and that people are gobbling up the goods. i think it is awesome.

love you. pooch

Shan said...

Great to see him following his dreams. I'd imagine there's nothing like doing a job you love. xo

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