Sunday, September 26, 2010

Cally cuteness

It's about time for a full Cally update.  She's growing and changing so quickly, I can hardly keep up.  We're all adjusting to having Joey home this year, but the one who I think is really getting the most out of it is little Cally.  I love to come home and see that Cally and Joey now have a set of daddy & cally routines.  They have silly things they say, morning dance sessions and Cally is becoming a daddy's girl too.  I love it.  Up until now, I don't think they've really had a chance to bond in this way, with time set aside for only them.  And, it's fitting really.  She's so much like Joey - not only in appearance, but in cheeky temperament too.

Check out her cheeky grin - she just took out her piggie.
Aside from big milestones like walking, teeth, and wanting to use the potty (so far we're only putting her on it before bathtime because she demands it), her biggest (and my most favorite) is her speech.  She says new things daily.  

There are almost too many to record them all.  It's like she's a little parrot echoing all the things we say.  She's saying everyone's names beautifully (or at least our nicknames for people).  She wakes up each morning, rolls over, pops her head up and says names.  She loves her family.  For the most part, she's always calling after her sister, Lala.  But she throws other ones in there too.  It's like an inventory to make sure we're all here.  Joining the list, and very nearly first each time, are my youngest sister and her boyfriend, PT and Obbie.  Those two names are always said together.  Of course there's Bubba, who she always wants to see on the computer.

Here are some of my favorite Cally-isms:

moot - milk
dint - drink (of water - she demands one at bedtime and usually sleeps with it tucked under her arm)
boat! - that one is pretty clear...every morning she wants to look out our window at the sunken boat in our bay.
doddie or wo wo - doggie
Mo - her name for her little cat she sleeps with (it used to be Mao)
peese - please (and it sounds so cute, it's very hard to say no....even when you really should)
pish (or bish) - fish (she feeds the fish at the school pond each morning and it's also a favorite at dinner.  we watched Finding Nemo tonight and she didn't stop saying it for nearly a half hour)
boop and wee - I told you she's obsessed with the potty right now (though she's two for two boops in the tub and not in the toilet)
wo wo - ointment, which she insists I put on after EVERY nappy change.
ah-ah-po and mana - apple and banana
Baa-tee - Kathy (my colleague and mum's neighbour who frequently joins us for Sunday dinners)
Doe-doe - Jojo (she also shouts for Yaya, these are another two names always said together)

She's very good at possessives.  Mummy's, Buddy's, Lala's, Daddy's, etc.  Mummy's pish is my dolphin tattoo.  She's starting to string two words together.  The first time she ever did this is quite a funny story.  Most mornings, she wakes up in bed with Joey and I so she usually hears Joey announce the morning with a fart.  She always chuckles, but one morning she added, Daddy poot!  

Classic Cally cheek.

Her language is progressing so rapidly that it can be quite frustrating when we don't understand what she's trying to say.  Poor thing, she's so articulate and very clearly knows what she wants.  I can only imagine how difficult it is for her when other people can't figure it out.  And believe me, she's not the only one who gets frustrated.  The stomping, screaming, growling tantrums get quite loud.  We'd be acting the same way if it weren't for the fact that we're grown ups.  Two words that come out unmistakably clear in the height of her frustration: No! Mine!

Most of the time, she's her usual sweet natured self.  And, though she can pry open the pipe cleaners we use to keep her out of cabinets, turn on and off the washing machine,  unfold the towels in the bathroom and climb to the back of the love seat and sit next to the window (all in only twenty minutes), she's really very cute.

A real Cally-wag.


Shan said...

Oh she is too cute. Joey not in the library this year? Total focus on pizza business? xo

Norbyah said...

Actually Shan, it's total focus on completing his master's degree. And, the pizza business on the side. We'll see what happens.


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