Monday, September 6, 2010

Back to school.

And slowly falling back into a routine. 

I started first, the morning after our return.

Then, a week later, Buddy started.

Michael's first day.

A full on second grader.  Wow.  He's loving second grade so far.  His teacher plays in a band and rides skateboards.  And, Buddy's friends are in his cluster.  All is right in Michael's world.  I'm finding that his peer group doesn't change much these days, and I have a feeling these friends will stick with him as long as we (or they) are here.  I couldn't be happier.

Then finally, last week, Ella's school started up again. We had to get her new shiny black school shoes.

Ella in her new shiny black shoes.

And, despite how she looks, she was absolutely thrilled to go back.

Waiting for Michael's bus.
Ella's first day.  Looks like I've found my 'first day of school' photo spot.

I love Ella's school.  She's got some good little friends who go there (who she's been friends with practically since we moved here).  Hard to believe that's three quarters of her life ago.  She has different Ms. Wong this year, and is just as excited as ever to get up for school.  And, a bonus is that she keeps picking up more Cantonese.  I can't wait for Cally to start school there (not that I'm wishing her life away)...But, I am feeling like she needs something.

Our Cally wag.

It used to be so easy before, when we lived in Stanley, to meet people with little ones.  That's how we got to know all of Ella's friends.  And how we made our own friends.  Our neighbourhood here, I'm realizing, has nothing for Cally.  There are two newish babies, but no toddlers.  And, as Joey is becoming aware of, Cally seems to really need to get out.  Granted she's at a difficult age right now; wanting so much to articulate her very strong opinion, but not quite able to.  But, it's more than that.  Joey has noticed that she seems bored at home.  She loves to go up and feed the fish. Or go to the grocery store.  To just go. And she's saying more words each day.  But her environment here doesn't give her enough.  So, we're looking for play groups.  Perhaps a music morning.  Or something.

We came home from our holidays to this gorgeous clear blue sky.

It really is no surprise, though, that Cally needs more.  Each week, I find myself looking for excuses to get out.  Now finally, Joey is seeing it too.  Don't get me wrong.  We have a lovely home.   And we're incredibly fortunate to live by the beauty of the country park which surrounds us, but we need to see Hong Kong every once in a while.

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Putri said...

i remember our first days back at school!! we used to always sleep in the same room the night before and it was exciting. i'm so glad the kids are happy to be back though i miss you so much.

love you

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