Monday, August 30, 2010

Still hanging on....

I know, right?  Summer's over.  Move on already.  I will, just as soon as I have a chance to catch up with life here.

A night out with my sisters.

Lovely gladiolas picked by my girl for Emily.

The three.

Alexia and Ella.  Totally sweet.  Totally compatible.

Cally and her godmother.

Obbie and Max wait for the train.

Uncle Jared and Milo at Roberta's.

Silly faces with the Latus children.

Afternoon tea at Alice's teacups complete with fairy wings and fairy dust.

The advantage of having carnies next door to your grandparents.

Oh Missy.  Lots of jokes.

Theo + Ella = Inseperable.  

And now.  Moving on.

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