Monday, August 23, 2010

Lamenting a summer past.

How can eight weeks go by in an instant?  

Perhaps because they were filled with so many special moments and so much excitement.  Our summer in the US was much anticipated and every moment was treasured.  Moments like first meeting Milo to Cally meeting the rest of her family and her godparents. When I look back through these pictures, I can hardly believe our time there is gone.  It's only been two and a half weeks, but strangely it feels like nearly a lifetime ago.  Really. 

I keep looking.  And remembering.

Milo meets his cousins.

Dear friends reunited.  I miss you ladies.

A sisterly stroll in the grass.

A skate session, Brooklyn style.

Buddy's favorite toys - Joey's old trucks - shared with Cally.

Baby beers at the Rootbeer stand (and the Burger man) with big cousin Sam.

Really good coffee from Joe's and time spent with my sisters.  My favorite. Never enough time.

A brief, but wonderful visit with my dear friend Christian.

More time with Milo. What a change in only five weeks.

Cally and Rubey the Cubey.  This picture really needs sound.

Until next time.

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emily said...

until next time.
and more xo for all of yours.

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