Sunday, July 4, 2010

Who needs pictures when you have these words...

Last night, we went over to Joey's cousin's house in Peru, IL to watch the fireworks.  It's been many years since we'd seen any, and I think that none of our children have really seen fireworks except for on television.  So, last night was a first for all three kids. 

I was wishing I had my camera so that I could try to capture some of the images from the evening, but as it goes, I had a clingy baby on my chest and Joey had Ella on his lap, who was also a little uncertain of what the fireworks would be.  I wouldn't have been able to take pictures anyhow.  Once they warmed up to the idea and the fireworks show started, they all enjoyed the evening. 

Even little Cally kept saying, wow!

Later, on the car ride home, Buddy exclaimed, my eyes are bursting with memories of the fireworks!

This morning, when Joey asked if they enjoyed last night, Ella said, we sitted on a blanket and we watched the fireworks.  They were big and they made pictures!

Even I was in awe of the cool summer evening and the spectacular colors in the sky.  Hope everyone else is enjoying a good Fourth of July with family and friends.  This day always reminds me of my friend Kristin, who loves this holiday more than any other, and of the times we celebrated it with her and her family.

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