Friday, June 11, 2010

Hello, summer!

School's out. 

HKD end of year party on our roof.  What a great bunch of kids! 

All of the end of year things (soccer, farewell parties, grades, etc) are all winding down.

Buddy loves to be goalie.
We're out of here tomorrow.

The plan?

NYC for a few weeks.  Midwest (IL, WI) for a few more weeks, then back to NYC for one last week.

I can't wait to meet my nephew tomorrow.  I can't wait to see my sisters and Jared because it's been a year. And for Rob, it's been two!  Likewise, it's been two years for Joey and his sisters and for all my lovely Madison friends.  What fun we'll have to see each other and make introductions.  Cally will meet her two aunties and her godparents this summer!  I'm hoping to meet some of my 'virtual' friends, like Becca or Erin.  Funny to think that someone I have connected with so much in this blogging and facebooking community is someone I've not actually met in the flesh.

May, Niki and Bessy are off to college next year.
And, I can't wait to catch up with the rest of you state side friends.  Madison for a week will be divine!

But, the end of a school year is always a bittersweet time, too.  I've said enough goodbyes to students, colleagues, parents and friends in the last two weeks to last me a good long time.  It's a hardship of this lifestyle, if I had to name one.

This year's HKD group was a special one.  Very tight knit and a big part of Ella and Buddy's lives.  In fact, they even inspired Buddy to jump up at Music Share on Monday to dance in front of all his friends.  You could pick out the dance moves that he's obviously watched over the course of the year.  I'm so proud.  And thankful that he's had such good teachers in these kids.  May, Niki and Bessy are only three of ten kids that I'm losing from HKD this year.

Dear May has especially touched our hearts as a family this year.  She'd always come to play with Ella, Cally and Buddy on the field, or knocked on our door to come in and see them.  All the while, she greeted them with warm hugs and kisses.  She even came over for dinner and a family movie night.  I loved hearing her and Ella sing songs form The Little Mermaid.  We'll miss her tons.

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