Saturday, June 19, 2010

At first sight.

Meeting Milo

I'm in love with my new nephew.  He's so gorgeous.  And I'm loving that I can share motherhood with my sister.   I'm just loving being with both my sisters.

We're in NYC for a week.  We've been busy hanging out with the kids, visiting coffee shops and parks.  I love this city. We've got one more week here before moving onto IL/WI.  We'll be back in August, thank goodness, so I can get another fill of Milo before heading back to Hong Kong.

Here are just a few pics I've snapped (there are so many)...

Just the "boys"

Cousins and Auntie Poochie

Uncle Jared has a nickname for each of my children.  Buddy is squirt.  Ella is squish. Cally is squeak.  (With her bout of jetlag and being a toddler, she could easily be named squawk).  I've given Milo his nickname.

Can you guess what it is?

Milo's swirl

I'll be on to add more pics soon.  In the meantime, enjoy these.


emily said...

oh, norbyah.

your photos are just out of this world.
i wish i could be there, just for an hour or two, with you and your family. i love the way you look, the way you are when you are with your sisters. your happiness looks so good.

i'd say, "i can't wait until you are here..." but i know that means you won't be there. and i KNOW how much you treasure it. xo

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