Thursday, April 15, 2010


It should really be called wrenching.

I see a lot more of this these days.  Mostly, at dinner time.  The last two evenings have been...tough. She's successfully dropped all day time feedings except for the dinner time one.  Other than that, she nurses at bed time and in the morning.  She's even drinking cow's milk...from a big girl cup. (Whatever it takes, right?)

But, the 6pm feeding that we're working on this week...that's not because she's hungry.  It's more a comfort thing.  So, it's been an emotional time for her.  And me, but mostly her.  And it's made me doubt myself.  Is this what's right?  It shouldn't be this wasn't with the other two.  But I keep reminding myself that Cally has practically never had a bottle.  For a period of five weeks only.  So, it's understandable that it's harder this time.  I don't even want to think about the bed time and morning feeds.

It's wrenching.  Totally gut wrenching.


Unknown said...

Poor baby... :( So sorry this is so hard on both of you. This too shall pass. It is only temporary. Love you! ~ Mich

Lora said...

oh Norbyah. She is beautiful. I must not have been here in a long time, to see her so big, walking and WEANING already! I need to stop in more often. I love the layout and colors of the site, too. Very soothing and calming. Glad to see all is well. ;)

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