Friday, April 30, 2010

The tiger appears.

My sister is now a mother.

Milo Kia Tan Sandman, all 7 pounds 4 ounces of him, arrived on Tuesday, April 28th some time between 6:15 and 6:30 in the evening (Wednesday morning for us in HK).  We'd been on pins and needles.  Naem and Jared sent text messages to keep us in the loop, which I loved because it made me feel closer.  We got one when her water broke, when they were waiting to be admitted in hospital, and at various points in her labour to tell us how dilated she was, and even when they got the green light to push.  And finally, to announce his arrival.

Jared was quick.  We got this, our first picture of Milo within the hour of hearing about his birth.  I looked at it all day at work.  What a most beautiful baby he is.  I found myself looking his little face to begin to know it, and seeing my sister, Jared, and even my dad.  He reminds me of my own babies when they were born.  Buddy and Ella had hats just like this pink and blue one that our hospital used when they were in hospital.  

But it's more than that.  I look at this new baby, and I feel so much love.  It overwhelms me.  I feel love (and pride) for my sister.  And I feel love for Milo, almost like a parent.  Maybe now I know what my sisters have felt watching my children be born and grow up.  Auntie love.  And that isn't to say I don't know what that feels like.  I'm already an aunt to my niece on Joey's side.  But, this just feels a bit different.  It's my sister.  And now the bond with my sister extends to my little nephew.

What an amazing two days.  My sister wasn't actually due for another week, so we'd been calling each other when we could to make sure we had plenty of opportunities to chat before Milo arrived.  I'd even been having dreams about her.  I had one a few nights ago where I was in her labour room with her.  Then another one after that where she named him Martin.  Strange.  Clearly, she was on my mind.

On the morning before he was born, I rang her to tell her about the latest dream.  As usual, Ella wanted to talk to her, too.  Her little fingers reached up for the phone.  She'd had an odd night.  At about 4 am, she'd fallen out of bed.  That has never happened, as I recall. She asked Naem how her belly was (always concerned about how people are, especially injured or in this case, pregnant).  Then she proceeded to tell her about how she'd fallen out of bed.

Shortly after, she told my sister that she'd dreamed about a tiger.  I couldn't quite tell what they were talking about, but this is what Naem told me when she handed the phone back.  Naem was very animated.  She wondered if Ella could have inherited my aunt Aboh's ability to dream the future, as Naem has.  I told her not to put too much thought into that idea because only the night before Ella had a dream that a snail was in her bed.  Like I said, it had been an odd couple of nights.

Little did we know what would soon transpire.  When I received the first text message, the only one from Naem because Jared took over the rest, it was only six hours later.  In her message she wrote, so...I think little ella might have inherited aboh's ability to dream the future...not heading to the hospital yet, but I think my water broke. The tiger that she had a dream about last night just might show up in the next 24 hours.

Thanks for the tiger dream, Ella.  He's beautiful.

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