Sunday, April 25, 2010

Ella the swimmer

We've got a pretty good record going.  Two for two learning to swim in Malaysia (both in my mum and dad's pool in KL as well as at the Hyatt's pool in Kuantan).  It was just over two years ago, when we were last in Malaysia that Buddy learned to swim.

Ella started the week like this.  Happy and eager to splash around in the water with her wings on.  

Joey tried to teach her how to hold her breath and go under water.  She was hesitant at first, but she didn't let that keep her out of the water.  We tried to get her to jump in, but she needed to have someone right there to catch her.

When we got to Kuantan, with more practice and someone catching her, she was eager to jump in with her wings on.  She jumped many times to Nining.
 Then she began to feel more confident to jump in without someone to catch her.  At this point, she wasn't so concerned about the water splashing over her face, or being totally submerged.  You can see here she's remembering to hold her breath like Joey taught her.  Before long, she started jumping in without her wings on.    

I remember with Buddy, it was like a switch turned on, and he realized he could hold his breath and he became more confident.  The same thing happened with Ella.  She was in and out of the water like a seal.  And, like her brother, she just loves to be in the water.

Soon we'll have two kids with goggle tan lines.


Diane said...

YEAH! for Ella!!
& thanks for the progression lesson on getting from water wings to Mermaid :^)
BEAUTIFUL photos, by the way. Always love to catch a glimpse of "Nining" = strong & fum.
Disney couldn't create anything NEAR as beautiful as your last picture! Wonderful!!!
love, Diane

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